Hello this is my jimmy beckham page. Jimmy beckham is the best soccer player in the world. He is also a sunglassses model. I know you like jimmy beckham because everyone likes jimmy beckham. Here is the hard thing to think about though. What if jimmy beckham could go back in time and kill hitler? Would he? Of course! Because he is jimmy beckham! He can do anything.


jimmy beckham stats:

jimmy beckham is 5 feet tall, all soccer players are 5 feet tall they make them that way so that you can think they are bigger when you see them on tv. jimmy beckham defied convention by being 5 METRIC feet tall.

while he looks young, jimmy beckham is actually 176 years old, recently i have uncovered circumstantial evidence that he shot lincoln.

jimmy beckham is married to some other piece of eurotrash.

jimmy beckhams blood type is AB+ it is a popular blood type between fellow satanists.


About this page:

Since jimmy beckham is such an important person and a cultural icon, i think i should share a little bit of information of things i know about jimmy beckham, just so we are all clear. You may wonder why i seem not to like jimmy beckham, but actually i do, i am just makiung this to help pray for his soul. there is a jimmy beckham movie in the works, sandra bulemia will play jimmy beckham and will wear a dress i think it involves a dream sequence and lots of leg shaving for aerodynamic reasons.


jimmy beckham was born in a small town outside of stuttengarten, spain. Since a very early age he had a predisposition to sharing his name and wonderful demeanor with people. He also made his one cloathing at jimmy beckhams hog factory in sasoborough, wisconson, canada. Its in canada because jimmy beckham can make borders where he wants to. Nobody answers to jimmy beckham, he is a renegade, a creature of the night. As jimmy beckham grew it became readily apparent that jimmy beckham was the antichrist. Even the catholics knew it.

his parents then sent jimmy beckham to a parochial school in north evenshitter just three furlongs and a hectare west of kilnswick. Here jimmy beckham dabbled in the black arts and spent much of his formative years destroying peoples livestock and infesting the dreams of the weaker snatchmonkeys around him.

after learning how to drink blood, jimmy beckham decided that he liked soccer. the rest is history, or should i say jimmy-beckham-stry


in his relax time, jimmy beckham reads and writes spy novels. he does regular charity work like adopting children and making houses out of them. jimmy beckham is an avid supporter of post-pardem depression. and facelifts for people he deems ugly, to make them look more like jimmy beckham. jimmy beckham plays seasonal sports as well. jimmy beckham also practices accents.

Why he must be stopped...

jimmy beckham is the cornerstone of an international conspiracy that aims to accomplish many things among their "goals"

*remove the american penny from the currency system

*widespread abolishment of digital clocks

*9 out of 10 moms agree: sharing is caring, the other one is a selfish bitch

*jimmy beckham brand haircuts for orphans

*cultivation of new jersey